Industry 4.0 and its intelligent use of data is revolutionizing the way many companies manufacture their products more efficiently. Until now, however, chip fabs—which are the most complex manufacturing environments in the world—have been slow to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) software that has the power to make them smarter by automating decisions and optimizing production.

Flexciton offers an intelligent advantage platform to enable streamlined wafer fabrication. Flexciton’s core product is the first autonomous scheduling software for wafer fabs that generates optimized production schedules in minutes to deliver specific objectives defined by the users. 

Flexciton’s AI software already knows how to operate a fab, so it does not need the time-consuming, rule-writing phase for a new fab installation or the replacement of existing scheduling software. It has the intelligence and pre-programmed knowledge to look at the data from all the tools and work out how to run them effectively and efficiently, all in real-time.