Arduino has announced the launch of its new Portenta C33 system-on-module (SOM), which is based on the RA6M5, an Arm Cortex M33-based microcontroller from Renesas. The C33 is the latest addition to Arduino’s Portenta family, which is specifically designed to provide a complete and scalable platform for IoT edge devices. The Portenta C33 offers a powerful microcontroller, connectivity, and security at a convenient price point, making it ideal for a vast range of applications, such as Edge AI devices, IoT gateways, remote control systems, fleet management, and process tracking.

The Portenta C33 provides professional developers with a production ready IoT platform combining the familiar Arduino environment with other high-level languages like MicroPython. The module integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity alongside a wide variety of peripheral interfaces, including CAN, SAI, SPI and I2C. Furthermore, the RA6M5’s integrated Secure Crypto Engine 9 (SCE9) with secure key storage ensures industrial-grade security at the hardware level and the ability to perform over-the-air firmware updates with Arduino IoT Cloud or other third-party services.