Obtaining useful results from EMC measurements often fails because the measurement levels are too low or because the measurement tools used are not sensitive enough. These issues are addressed by Langer EMV-Technik’s PA 2522 preamplifier with its amplification of 25dB. The PA 2522 amplifies low measurement signals over an extremely wide frequency range from 10MHz to 22GHz with very low noise and a constantly high dynamic range. This means that sources of interference with very low levels can now be clearly detected on measuring equipment.

The signal amplifier, which is handcrafted in Germany, is a consistent further development for EMC applications. In combination with a matching near-field probe (from Langer EMV-Technik, for example), it is possible to perform harmonic measurements of high-frequency signals up to 22GHz. With its compact design, the PA 2522 can be integrated into development environments in a versatile way. Directly connected to the 50Ω input of a spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope, the preamplifier simultaneously protects sensitive measuring equipment from overvoltage.