by The Technical Marketing Team at Diotec Semiconductor

High-speed communication protocols are more susceptible to ESD

The rapidly expanding market for mobile devices has led to a growing need for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. In response to this demand, Diotec has been dedicated to offering innovative circuit protection solutions. Whether it be portable electronic products, USB data ports, or CAN buses in the automotive sector, Diotec’s wide range of overvoltage and overcurrent protection products are designed to address the needs of these applications.

Why is ESD Protection important in automotive?

In-vehicle networking technologies enable faster, safer, and more secure communications for current and future vehicles. The most used networks in automobiles include LIN, CAN, and FlexRay, as well as Ethernet switches like 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T2.

The speed of data transmission in the CAN bus system is directly proportional to the capacitance of the data line, meaning that a higher transmission speed corresponds to a smaller line capacitance. ESD immunity decreases as operating speed increases. This means that high-speed communication protocols, like CAN, 100BASE-T1/1000BASE-T2, are more susceptible to ESD. It is crucial to address this issue. Moreover, automotive systems require a high level of robustness and reliability, especially when controlling safety devices.

Common CAN protection method

One common ESD protection method involves Diotec’s NUP2105L-AQ, a dual bi- directional ESD protection device in an SOT-23 package. This device is specifically designed to safeguard high-speed data lines from ESD, offering ultra-low capacitance and a high level of ESD protection. It is ideal for applications such as CAN bus or USB 2.0 high-speed connections. Furthermore, this component is qualified to the AEC-Q101 standard for high reliability.



Diotec offers ESD protection devices for different communication protocols, such as LIN, LS, and HS CAN BUS. These devices have power ratings ranging from 350W to 500W and are available in packages of various sizes, from SOT-23 to the smallest SOD-882 package. Diotec’s extensive product range makes it easy to choose the best solution for your design needs.