Nexperia has announced the release of a new range of 20V and 30V MOSFETs in the world’s smallest DFN package, the DFN0603. Nexperia already offers ESD protection devices in this package and has now succeeded in bringing it to their MOSFET portfolio, a feat as yet unmatched in the industry.

Next generation wearable and hearable devices are incorporating new levels of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), creating several challenges for product designers—available board space is at a premium and heat dissipation becomes a problem.

The ultra-low-profile DFN0603 package, measuring only 0.63 x 0.33 x 0.25mm, uses 13% less space than MOSFETs in the next smallest package (the DFN0604). This size reduction has been achieved without compromising device performance; in fact, the RDS(on) of these devices has been reduced by 74%, helping to improve efficiency and enabling wearable equipment designers to achieve greater power density.