Melexis has revealed its groundbreaking Induxis switch, the MLX92442. Contactless, magnet-free, and strayfield immune, this monolithic solution directly detects conductive targets. It enables small module designs with reduced component count for improved safety and electrification: high voltage interlocks, charging flaps,seatbelts, hood/trunk, gear tooth sensing, or brake- by-wire applications.

With industry standard 2- or 3-wire interfaces, a wide operating voltage of 3.5V to 18V, a working temperature window of –40°C to 150°C, and ISO26262 ASIL A compliance, the MLX92442’s design considerations are minimal. Furthermore, for safety-critical applications requiring heterogeneous redundancy, the inductive technology provides a highly reliable option with minimal design requirements that can operate next to Hall effect and mechanical solutions.