Metawave Corporation, a world leader in high-end sensing and perception solutions for terrestrial and aerospace mobility applications, has successfully demonstrated the industry’s first 76-81GHz antenna-in-package (AiP) module for defense and commercial high-resolution 4D imaging radar.

Metawave’s advanced aerial and automotive imaging radar technology enables unmatched long-range and point-cloud resolution making vehicles safer and smarter.

The new SPEKTRA AiP module is key in the realization of Metawave’s high performance hybrid analog beam-steering and MIMO radar for long-range imaging. SPEKTRA AiP enables the seamless implementation of Metawave’s 76-81GHz MARCONITM beamforming chips with Texas Instruments’ cascaded AWR2243 transceivers and NXP’s best-in-class S32R45 microcontroller in the Metawave 4D imaging radar architectures.