STMicroelectronics is continuing to expand its solutions for embedded AI developers and data scientists with a new, industry-first set of tools and services to get edge AI technology on the market faster and with less complexity by aiding hardware and software decision-making.

The STM32Cube.AI Developer Cloud is a free-of-charge online platform and services allowing the creation, optimization, benchmarking, and generation of AI for the STM32 microcontrollers. It is based on the STM32Cube.AI core technology.

It includes (a) an online interface to generate optimized C-code for STM32 microcontrollers, without requiring prior software installation, (b) access to the STM32 model zoo, a repository of trainable deep-learning models and demos to speed application development (hosted on GitHub, these enable the automatic generation of “getting started” packages optimized for STM32), and (c) access to the world’s first online benchmarking service for edge-AI Neural Networks on STM32 boards. The cloud-accessible board farm features a broad range of STM32 boards, refreshed regularly, allowing data scientists and developers to remotely measure the actual performance of the optimized models.