Microchip Technology has announced the new industrial grade TrustFLEX ECC608 and automotive grade Trust Anchor TA100 combined with Microchip secure key provisioning services for Qi 1.3 power transmitters. This all-in-one secure storage subsystem includes key provisioning for consumer and automotive systems.  

The Qi 1.3 specification mandates addition of a secure storage subsystem with secure key provisioning including X.509 certificates to cryptographically verify the source and quality of the certified power transmitter. When a receiver (eg in a cell phone) is placed on a Qi 1.3 power transmitter, it may initially accept a 5W charge or no charge at all. After a successful X.509 based ECC authentication proving the charger is an approved, ‘do no harm’ device, the phone will safely accept a 15W charge reducing charging time.  

Microchip Technology’s vice president of the security products business unit, Nuri Dagdeviren, said: “Our WPC secure storage subsystem solutions demonstrate Microchip’s continuous commitment to facilitating high volume deployment of state-of-the-art security architectures within embedded systems.”