Analog Devices’ Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS) is certified to ISO/SAE 21434, the new standard for cybersecurity risk management throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle from concept, product development and production, to operation, maintenance and decommissioning of electrical and electronic systems.  

TÜV NORD Mobilität, the assessor for this qualification, affirmed that DI’s wBMS is the first automotive system certified for ISO/SAE 21434. The assessment confirmed that ADI performed appropriate assurance measures within the product development to fulfil the CAL 4 requirements.  

TÜV NORD Mobilität’s SVP, Leif-Erik Schulte, said: “With ADI considering the CAL 4 classification conditions throughout product development, the cybersecurity assurance measures complied with the highest requirements. This system certification is a key element to build trust across the full electrification ecosystem—from energy storage to OEMs to consumers—to support EV adoption and help reduce emissions.” 

Analog Devices’ general manager of battery management systems, Roger Keen, added: “Improving the security and accuracy of EV batteries removes roadblocks in end-users’ buying considerations and advances OEMs’ decisions to expand their EV offerings.”