Arrow Electronics has introduced a family of plug-and-play camera modules based on sensor technology from onsemi. The modules provide an effective way to incorporate camera functionality, supporting migration from proof-of-concept to mass production.

Arrow worked with Shiratech Solutions to create the camera mezzanine cards, which are compliant with the 96Boards specification. Each module is based on a different onsemi CMOS image sensor, enabling users to select functionality depending on their requirements. Target applications include artificial intelligence and machine vision, low-power IoT devices, and commercial and consumer security products. 

Each mezzanine is also equipped with the onsemi AP1302 image signal processor, which takes over if the main processor does not have an integrated ISP. This IC can handle various tasks such as sensor configuration and calibration, image format conversion, basic transformations, and autofocus. Designed to improve overall system performance, the AP1302 supports onsemi image sensors up to 13MP.