Supports standard cable connections and made-to-order cable assemblies.

For over 70 years, Harwin has been supplying engineers with the connectors they need to meet the most demanding specifications.

Building on the success of its 3kV-rated Kona high power connectors, Harwin has introduced more variants to this popular range. The new additions are male connectors suitable for use with both standard cable connections and made-to-order cable assemblies.

Initially launched in November 2020, the award-winning Kona series is widely used in many applications, including electric vehicles, UAVs, robotics, and NewSpace (i.e., the emergence of the private space industry). These compact, high-reliability connectors have contacts rated at 60 Amperes each, giving a total current carrying capacity of 240 Amperes when using the four-contact version.

The new male connectors provide connections for all Kona contact count options. In addition, engineers can select housings with or without panel mount fixings (compatible with the thumbscrew fixings on the female). Reverse-fix thumbscrews (compatible with female reverse-fix panel mount fixings) are also available, and all fixings are designed to mate-before-lock.

Kona cable assemblies are available on-demand, produced at the company’s dedicated cable assembly facility. Options include double-ended and single-ended variants with supporting male-to-male, male-to-female, and female-to-female configurations.

Engineered and manufactured at Harwin’s production facility in Portsmouth, England, the 60A-rated high-current Kona product line is fully quality-assured and complimented by EMI/RFI shielding cans and a comprehensive range of board-level hardware including spacers, spring contacts, cable clips, and jumper links.