The new MLX90376 from Melexis is an absolute magnetic position sensor IC, handling 360o rotary automotive applications with strong stray field immunity (SFI). Its dual-stacked die PCB-less version is unique to the market. The device supports system integration up to ASIL D level functional safety, offering state-of-the-art sensing for steering and valve applications. The blend of robustness and performance it offers will be of value for vehicle electrification.

Based on proprietary technology, the MLX90376 is especially designed for demanding steering wheel angle, throttle valve, and thermal management valve applications. In can be housed in either SMP-4 PCB-less or surface-mount device (SMD) packaging. The MLX90376 offers output options to suit various applications: Analog, PWM, SENT, or the specific SENT Short PWM Code (SPC).