SCHURTER is proud to announce the launch of its new Smart Connector range together with its Smart Ecosystem, featuring two innovative products: the internal Smart Connector DS11 and the external Smart Connector DT31.

The internal Smart Connector DS11 is the world’s first intelligent power entry module combining intelligence with a standard IEC 60320 C14 inlet. It is designed to perform its basic power entry function, while providing equipment manufacturers the ability to offer their customers extended functionality without the additional engineering time and cost to develop their own solutions. Along the same lines, the DT31 incorporates the same functionality, but is designed to be used as an external add-on device. The standalone, plug-and-play device can quickly and conveniently upgrade an existing equipment by way of daisy chain from its IEC 60320 C14 inlet and C13 outlet to the equipment. The DT31 is an ideal solution for upgrading aftermarket equipment. Both the DS11 and DT31 have a WLAN connection. The DS11 also offers a serial interface for direct connection to the host device.

With the launch of its Smart Connectors, SCHURTER is also launching its comprehensive cloud-based Smart Ecosystem which offers a range of services to cater to different needs. There is a basic software package included with each DS11 and DT31. Depending on customer requirements, SCHURTER also offers four additional software packages with extended functions. The Ds11 and DT31 can be accessed via the Smart Connector App available on Android and Apple iOS. The SCHURTER Smart App, and Dashboard in particular, makes remote monitoring and controlling connected devices easy.

SCHURTER’s new Smart Connectors are impressive with their versatile applications: preventive maintenance and management of electronic devices used in fleets; monitoring and visualizing processes; recording the energy consumption of devices; and much more. Together with the new SCHURTER Smart Ecosystem, the Smart Connectors are set to revolutionize how plant and equipment manufacturers offer additional functionality to their customers. The new intelligent products are expected to provide a cost-effective and efficient way to transform conventional electronic devices into smart devices, enabling users to monitor and control their devices more effectively.

Pricing for the Smart Connectors starts at $71.00 each at 50 pieces.