KEMET releases new MLCC High Voltage Floating Electrode Design X7R and C0G Dielectric.

KEMET’s Floating Electrode High Voltage, available from Rutronik, with Standard (FE-CAP) or Flexible Termination capacitor (FF-CAP) combines two existing KEMET technologies– Floating Electrode and Flexible Termination. The floating electrode component utilizes a cascading / serial electrode design configured to form multiple capacitors in series within a single monolithic structure. This unique configuration results in enhanced voltage and ESD performance over standard capacitor designs while allowing for a fail-open condition if mechanically damaged (cracked). Capacitance change with reference to ambient temperature is limited to ±15% (X7R) and ±30 ppm/ºC (C0G) from -55°C to +125°C.

Whether under-hood or in-cabin, these capacitors are designed to provide reliable performance in mission and safety critical automotive circuits.  Stricter testing protocol and inspection criteria have been established for automotive grade products in recognition of potentially harsh environmental conditions.  KEMET automotive grade series capacitors meet the demanding Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q200 qualification requirements.


  • Floating Electrode/fail open design
  • AEC-Q200 automotive qualified
  • Dielectric available: X7R and C0G
  • Operating temperature range of −55°C to +125°C
  • Superior flex performance (up to 5 mm- For Flex Termination)
  • DC voltage ratings of 500 V, 630 V, 1 KV, 1.5 KV, 2 KV, 2.5 KV and 3 KV
  • EIA 0805, 1206, 1210, 1808, 1812, 1825, 2220 and 2225
  • Industry leading CV values (X7R)
  • Exceptional performance at high frequencies (X7R)
  • Extremely low ESR and ESL (C0G)
  • High ripple current capability (C0G)
  • 100% pure matte tin-plated termination finish allowing for excellent solderability
  • SnPb plated termination finish option available upon request (5% Pb minimum)
  • Lead (Pb)-Free, RoHS and REACH compliant



  • EV/HEV (drive systems, charging)
  • LCD fluorescent backlight ballasts
  • Power converters
  • LAN/WAN interface


  • EV/HEV (drive systems, charging)
  • High frequency power converters
  • Wide bandgap (WBG), silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) systems
  • Snubber (high dV/dT)

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