Protecting circuits from overcurrent is essential to avoid equipment damage. Selecting the right fuse saves on costs of repairs and replacements, enhances equipment reliability and ultimately customer satisfaction; but selecting the right fuse can be challenging.

The SCHURTER fuse portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for primary and secondary protection including types for direct mounting on the circuit board, or in conjunction with an open or closed fuseholder chosen from one of the many options provided by SCHURTER. SMD fuses offer compact and precise opening times, high current ratings, range of voltages, high breaking capacity and high pulse withstand. SMD Thermal fuses are particularly suitable for protecting power semiconductors in electronic circuits.  

SCHURTER’s fuse selection guide was designed to help engineers eliminate the guesswork and feel confident in their ability to find the right fuse to best fit their application performance. Additionally, the guide includes a fuse accessories guide, which identifies the fuse holders designed for use with each fuse series, making the selection process even simpler. Whether it’s for use in industrial, medical, automotive, avionics and space, or consumer electronics, SCHURTER fuses are a trusted solution for reliable circuit protection.  

Link to White Paper. Link to Fuse Selection Guide. Link to SCHURTER Fuse Production video.