2023 will showcase the growing success and momentum of the democratization of chip design through a host of new applications in new markets and prove it is a reality.

An affordable cost structure for making chips for new applications will start to explode opportunities. The result will be a different semiconductor ecosystem that is far more able to meet the needs of society. Some of the credit can be attributed to community-based, open-source platforms taking root with easy-to-use, easy-to-access tools. The move to chiplets also is changing the fabric of the semiconductor industry that can no longer concentrate on high-density designs by offering solutions that expand the application space before they become high-density. And the widespread availability of FPGAs gives engineers the ability to tailor designs that are flexible and far more affordable. The combination of tools, chiplets, and FPGAs are giving creativity a way to make an impact on society. 

The semiconductor industry dynamics are changing. Democratization of chip design is a trend the semiconductor industry will embrace in 2023. It has the potential to drive exponential semiconductor industry growth and market expansion by creating new applications and opportunities and giving flexibility to engineers to live and work where they choose. I can see that the semiconductor industry will find a way to support all human beings and I am looking forward to it.