Zuken’s E3. series is a leading single platform solution to take a design from concept to manufacturing. It is a reimagined wire harness, control cabinet, switchgear, and cabling systems design solution. Zuken has announced the release of E3.series 2022, introducing enhancements to empower design teams to create digital twins with functional and manufacturing details captured in a single cutting-edge tool suite. The enhancements to E3.series 2022 cover all areas of electrical design through to the manufacturing process, including: wire routing, data visualization, design rule checks, change management and much more. 

The latest release of E3.series includes more than 50 new features, enhancements, and tools to improve reliability, efficiency, and productivity. Cabinet design enhancements aim to improve the 3D visualization of parts and wires to simplify the assembly process. The cable and wire harness enhancements target improving design reuse and capturing additional manufacturing details. The overall usability enhancements focus on further simplifying the application to increase productivity, while improvements to active and passive design rule checks ensure design quality.