OrionVM, the infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider and cloud computing pioneer, has announced the addition of technology partner Blaize, the artificial intelligence (AI) computing innovator revolutionizing edge and automotive computing solutions, to create a new AI as a service (AIaaS) offering.

This first-of-its-kind partnership will empower organizations across multiple industries to launch their AI solutions more quickly and efficiently, including machine learning across vast data sets. Under the agreement, both companies’ global sales teams will sell Blaize’s AI applications, enabled and powered by OrionVM’s optimized cloud platform.

These AIaaS solutions can be utilized in a variety of scenarios: (1) Blaize’s unique Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) chips for edge AI and sensor fusion applications cards can now be virtualized on the OrionVM cloud platform, (2) Dedicated AI environments for clients can be easily created with virtualized GSPs. For example, they can be integrated into video surveillance technology on the edge providing sophisticated and constantly updated analysis of events, and (3) The latest version of Blaize AI Studio is now available on the OrionVM cloud platform, allowing for the development of AI applications that can quickly be set up to perform workloads without needing to purchase and configure complex hardware environments.