Controlling development time is crucial for cost management and ensuring timely delivery. IAR’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator reveals how commercial tools, despite their initial cost, can be more economically viable than freeware alternatives, particularly in keeping up with project schedules and minimizing overall product development expenses.

Free tools often carry hidden costs, which are manifested in increased system administration and integration time, lack of formal support leading to extensive troubleshooting, and additional training needs. Moreover, when these tools fall short in functionality, unexpected expenses can accumulate, further intensified by the lack of clear technical roadmaps and inconsistent community support.

The freely accessible TCO calculator is designed to highlight the key role of quality development tools in embedded engineering. The TCO computation encompasses factors such as tool specifics, team size, project complexity, and organizational goals. This comprehensive approach facilitates informed decisions about tool selection and maintenance, which is crucial for managing TCO effectively in embedded software tools.