The company’s first automotive-qualified supercapacitors, which are also known as cylindrical, electrochemical, double-layer capacitors, have been announced by KYOCERA AVX.

These five new automotive-qualified SCC Series supercapacitors are tested and qualified to the stringent AEC-Q200 standard, which proves their ability to reliably withstand test conditions designed to replicate challenging mechanical and electrical conditions common in automotive applications. 

SCC Series supercapacitors have a ruggedly constructed form factor, deliver high-reliability performance, and exhibit very high capacitance, very low ESR, and excellent pulse power handling characteristics. They can be used alone, or in conjunction with primary or secondary batteries, to extend backup times and battery life and leverage instantaneous pulse power. Ideal applications for the five new automotive-qualified supercapacitors include electronic mechanical latching, emergency calling, electronic recording, regenerative braking, power, and backup power systems.  

The five new automotive-qualified SCC Series supercapacitors are rated for 25F and 2.7V, 100F and 2.7V, 10F and 3V, 35F and 3V, and 100F and 3V. They also comply with UL 810A, RoHS, and REACH requirements.