Melexis has launched a new series of PCB-less pressure sensor ICs intended for use in automotive engine management that deliver the highest degree of accuracy over lifetime. The MLX90824 determines the absolute pressure, then delivers a digital output signal using the SENT protocol. By comparison, the MLX90822 provides an analog output voltage. These factory calibrated devices measure pressure spans from 1 to 4 bar.

The MEMS, sensing element of the MLX90824 and MLX90822, consists of a micro-machined diaphragm that is bonded around a cavity that has been etched into a silicon substrate. This cavity contains a reference vacuum. The diaphragm reacts to any change in the ambient absolute pressure. An accuracy of +/-0.5 %FS (full scale) is maintained over the course of the sensor’s working lifespan. This accuracy is not impacted by the sensor integration thanks to the PCB-less packaging. Very accurate and stable pressure measurements allow optimal engine management to guarantee fuel savings and emission reductions.

The MLX90824 and MLX90822 have been developed as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) in accordance with ISO 26262. It supports ASIL B system integration for the MLX90824 and ASIL A for the MLX90822.