Kandou has begun volume production of the next generation in the Matterhorn family of USB-C multiprotocol retimers solutions for USB4, adding support for DisplayPort 2.0 functionality to target mobile, tablet and desktop PC applications.

Matterhorn KB8010 extends the feature set of earlier Matterhorn retimers and reinforces Kandou’s USB4 innovative leadership in high-speed, energy-efficient chip-to-chip link solutions to improve the way the world connects and communicates.

By adding support for DisplayPort 2.0 functionality to KB8010, Kandou is meeting the industry’s demand for increased bandwidth and higher data rates. The DisplayPort 2.0 standard pushes 77.4 gigabits per second of data, which means DP2.0 handles 16K resolution with HDR at 60Hz or a 10K resolution with HDR at 80Hz. In addition to support for DP2.0, KB8010 supports the optional USB4 low-power (CLx) states, USB3.2 Gen 2×2 (20Gbps), supports 1.8V IO logic and doubles the number of I2C device addresses, enabling system designers to reduce components on the motherboard and decrease system cost.