Contract Covers Full Series of Standard Density and Heavy-Duty MIL-DTL-28748 Rectangular Connectors

CDM Electronics, a premier authorized distributor of electronic connectors and cables, has entered into a stocking distribution agreement with Positronic, manufacturers of high reliability electronic connectors, and subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation.  The contract covers Positronic’s full series of standard density, heavy duty and MIL-28748 rectangular connectors with removable contacts. Under the terms of the agreement, CDM is authorized to distribute Positronic products worldwide.

Optimized for direct current, low frequency analog and digital high-speed data applications, the connector series comprise Positronic’s MIL-DTL-28748 heavy-duty rack and panel GMCT Series with removable contacts, plus GM Series parts with fixed solder contacts.  Additionally included are rack and panel GAP and GAPL Series PCB connectors with straight solder or right-angle solder cup contacts, respectively.  VMCT together with VAPL Series interface connectors featuring crimp, solder cup, right angle PCB or press-fit terminations are also stocked.

Danielle Richardson, Product Manager at CDM stated, “The addition of Positronic’s comprehensive offering of MIL-Spec and heavy-duty rectangular connectors to our expanding ready-to-ship product portfolio further enables CDM to satisfy customers’ demand for best-in-class delivery, pricing, as well as customer and engineering services.  We look forward to working with everyone at Positronic to ensure customers’ expectations are met and often exceeded.”