Advanced Thermal Solutions now provides heat sinks for component sizes ranging from 27 to 70mm square. This wider size range accommodates semiconductor components, including FPGAs, ASICS and other package types, in applications such as telecom, optics, test/measurement, and military. 

ATS fanSINKS feature cross-cut, straight aluminum fins. They support omni-directional airflow for optimum cooling from attached fans and ambient air. To optimize heat transfer, the sinks are provided with a pre-assembled thermal interface material. 

fanSINKS attach securely to components using a plastic frame clip and stainless steel spring clip. For larger components, fanSINKS mount to the PCB using PEM pushpins that secure into 3.0mm through holes. 

Each fanSINK requires its own fan, based on the application. Fans by Delta, Sunon, San Ace and other manufacturers are compatible. For secure fan attachment, ATS provides stainless steel mounting screws in a range of lengths for different fan heights.