NOVOSENSE Microelectronics has launched its new NSOPA series of general-purpose operational amplifiers (op-amps). Engineered for automotive and industrial applications, these devices can be widely used for signal conditioning of voltage, current, temperature, and other signals, OBC/DC-DC/PDU, traction inverters, BMS, thermal management, BCM, industrial automation, photovoltaic inverters, motor drivers, digital power supplies and charging stations.

The automotive version of the NSOPA9xxx series meets the reliability requirements of AEC-Q100 Grade 1 and can operate in harsh environments from –40°C to +125°C. Different package versions are available to meet different customer needs: SOT23-5, SOIC-8 for 1-channel; MSOP-8, SOP-8 for 2-channel; and TSSOP-14, SOP-14 for 4-channel.