A US owned transducer IC and cryogenic test solutions company, Senseeker specializes in the design of state-of-the-art digital imaging sensors, cryogenic test equipment, electronics and software.

Most recently, Senseeker has announced the availability of the Neon RD0033, an advanced digital readout integrated circuit (DROIC) with low-noise performance, triple-gain modes and a 10μm pitch pixel with a capacitive transimpedance amplifier (CTIA) front-end circuit.

The Neon DROIC was developed for low-light applications such as short-wave Infrared (SWIR) and low-current detector technologies such as quantum dots-based detectors. It has been designed for use in high-operating temperature conditions.

The Neon RD0033 is in production now and is supported by an electronics kit and a thermoelectric cooler sensor test unit that, together, enable testing and evaluation of Neon-based focal plane arrays.